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The Newcomer Award is aimed at newcomers to cider-making and other micro-producers, defined as those producing less than 2,500 litres a year. To enter into the Newcomer Award Class, you will need to to provide TWO BOTTLES OF CIDER. This award is open to cider makers making less than 2500 litres per annum. Ciders to be manufactured according to HMRC Notice 162, may be still or carbonated, cloudy or bright, made from fresh cider or dessert apple juice during 2018. Entries to be in two clear 75cl bottles with screw caps, bearing labels ‘Sweet’ (Specific gravity 1.012 or greater), ‘Medium ‘ (Specific gravity 1.005 to 1.012) or ‘Dry’ (Specific gravity less than 1.005). The winner will be awarded with a Gold Medal, a Trophy & a £100 voucher for Vigo Presses. Besides the fun of competing, entrants will all get written feedback from our team of professional judges to help steer them in the right direction.